Top 5 Tips for Maintaining Your Bike Engine and Keeping it in Healthy State

Bike Engine
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Every bike needs extra care to ensure smooth ride and keep it working for years. Keeping your bike in good condition, needs periodic maintenance for problem-free riding. If you want your bike to keep performing the way it did when you first bought it, then follow these 5 tips religiously.

1. Never miss a service interval

One of the key things that you should do to maintain your bike’s engine in top shape is to service it on time. Certain fluids like the engine oil, for instance, have a limited life span and must be replaced to keep the engine in good health. And so, try not to miss out on servicing your bike at all costs. If you ever find yourself missing a scheduled interval, ensure that you get the service done as soon as possible, without waiting for the next interval.

2. Clean the air filter regularly

The level of air pollution in our cities is on a rise. Clean and fresh air is required for a bike’s engine to operate smoothly. And so, it is extremely important to keep the bike’s air filter clean Tornado Cash and free from dirt and other contaminants. Therefore, make it a habit to clean out the bike’s filter every two weeks to a month at least.

3. Clean the spark plugs regularly

The spark plug provides the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture in a bike engine. A properly maintained spark plug is not only necessary for proper combustion of this air-fuel mixture, but also for good engine health and mileage. The good thing here is that the process is extremely easy and can be done within minutes using the built-in toolkit included with the bike.

4. Don’t rev the engine too much

Accelerating the bike too hard or pushing the engine to its maximum RPM limit before shifting to another gear is a sure-fire recipe to destroy the engine. This practice is completely unnecessary and dangerous as well. If engine longevity and health is what is important to you, you should accelerate in a more linear manner with no jerks and shift well below the maximum RPM limit instead.

5. Always warm your engine up before riding the bike

Riding a bike when the engine is still cold can lead to problems later on. To prolong the health of an engine, always let it idle for a couple of minutes before starting to ride the bike. This would give the engine enough time to warm up to the ideal operating temperature. That’s not all, it would also give the engine oil enough time to lubricate all the necessary parts, keeping them well-oiled and healthy.


Now that you know how to maintain your bike’s engine, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s working life can be optimized. However, if the bike you already own is in dire need of a replacement, it may be time to buy a new one. If you’ve been putting off that decision due to a lack of funds, you could always consider availing a two wheeler loan to get yourself a new motorcycle. Also, make sure that you check the two wheeler loan eligibility criteria and two wheeler loan interest rates before applying for one.And once you’ve done that, make sure to follow the tips detailed above to keep your new bike in top-notch condition.

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