The Best Concentrate packaging of 2020

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Sturdy, alluring, and attractive, that is what concentrate packaging is. It is gaining popularity all around the globe due to its increasing demand and rich-featured nature. It is an effective marketing and branding tool in the promotion of businesses. It adds flair to your marketing products because of its personalization and customization options. It can be created in varied sizes and shapes according to the desires of consumers. Likewise, different themes, elegant color schemes, stylization effects, fonts, and designs can be imprinted to increase the visual appeal and graphics of the packages. The logo of a brand can also be printed on it to make your brand stand out among all the competitors in the market. Moreover, the materials usually used in its manufacturing are cardboard, Kraft stock, or in some cases, corrugated stock. These materials are highly eco-friendly as they are easily recyclable and reusable. It is also easier to decompose them.


Purchasing the perfect packages for cannabis concentrates is the most difficult task one could imagine. This is because these products are very fragile and sensitive and require the utmost attention while storing and shipping processes. These days, manufacturers are looking for perfect concentrate packaging solutions that provide one in all solution. This is where we can help you. We will tell you about the best concentrate packages that are quite popular in the consumer market in this existing year. Let us have a look at all of them.

Pyramid shape Packages:

People these days have become accustomed to seeing the custom concentrate packaging with traditional shapes like square or rectangular etc. With the advancement in technology, manufacturers all around the world are now capable of making different fascinating, and attractive shapes for the effective packaging of the products. People are now becoming fed up by those traditional rectangular and square-shaped packages. Marijuana concentrate packaging with a pyramid shape is one of the modern design.


  • They are elegant in design and unique in the style, which provides aesthetic appeal to attract the consumers.
  • They are highly customizable and can be customized according to the need of clients.
  • Different designs, themes, stylization effects, and colors can be applied to them which make them look more attractive
  • Various printing techniques like digital printing and offset printing can be applied to them to communicate the brand message effectively in the market.


  • They can be made attractive, but this can cost you too much.
  • It is very hard to carry them.


Shoulder Packages:

Shoulder boxes are among the most famous forms of cannabis concentrate packaging in the consumers market of 2020. These are packages with mounted hinged lids, which are very influential in providing a standout look to the products. You can also leave a little gap between the lid and the base to make their opening more convenient for the users. Usually, they are made up of cardboard material.


  • They contain many presentation features such as scoring, gluing, and lamination with high-end gloss
  • Their attractiveness convinces the customers to buy the products.
  • Able to protect the products from outside factors such as moisture.
  • Not much time is required to bring them in original shape.
  • The logo, stickers, and various labels of your company can make you stand out among all the competitors.


  • They can prove to be costly.
  • Might offend some ethnic groups accidentally if offensive designs or symbols are used.


Die-cut window Boxes:

To make the manufactured products more visible to the clients and to enhance the revenues of a company, the presentation of the manufactured items is an important aspect that matters the most. In this regard, the usage of die-cut boxes in custom concentrated packaging is important. They can be made in various designs and styles with window cutouts in different shapes.


  • They provide you with reduced delivery costs when compared with other boxes as they require very less packaging in case of fragile or delicate goods.
  • They are important for preserving the freshness of the manufactured items, creating odor, and providing waterproof barriers for items that can spoil or spill on their way to the destination.
  • They are environmentally friendly, can be decomposed very easily, and are recyclable.
  • Provide an aesthetic and enhanced visual appeal to grab the attention of the customers
  • Make your brand recognizable by creating brand awareness.
  • Their inclusion on the lid in boxes also help in boosting the credibility of your brand.
  • Protection from any kind of bacteria, dust, or chemical.


  • It is a very time-consuming process to design them.


Sleeve Packaging:

It does not matter what is packed inside the package because the clients are always going to see your packages first. The THC concentrate packaging boxes enhance the visual display of the products and are perfect for displaying on the shelves of the retailers. They are the trendiest type of boxes in the market. Because businesses use them not only to package their products but also to exhibit an assortment of items.


  • They are highly durable, flexible, and sturdy and make the protection of items inside absolute, which makes them the first and priority-based choice of the customers.
  • They are affordable and very low in cost when compared to other types of boxes.
  • The quality of being highly customizable provides a wide range of options to consumers like printing, designing, application of stickers, and labels.
  • Serve as an effective marketing or sales tool by enhancing your sales and brand image.
  • Wax concentrate packaging in sleeve shape is ideal for storing and shipping wax.



  • For many products, they may be inappropriate.



We have explored the various types and shapes of concentrate packaging that are considered as one of the best among all the competitors in the market. To get an idea about them, have a look at the above-mentioned packages types.

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