Social Media Trends for 2020 and Beyond

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Saying that social media platforms are just the source of god entertainment would be unfair. During the days of COVD-19, the real power of social media emerges when every store and business shifted digitally. Whoever planned to make the move first created the social media profile and marked their presence online. That’s how vast its reach is. People from different regions and countries begin surfing online and gathered details of the pandemic and come across service providers who can help them during the days of crises.

Apart from this, social media platforms have the ability to get connected to users and involved into their everyday life. By getting on the renowned platforms you not only get the chance to promote your product but enter into the most personal space of a user and there you show your business and its attributes.

The competition on social media is escalating every day. Brands are competing fiercely leaving no strand behind. They are coming up with innovative moves and tricks to promote a brand. From vlogs to humorous posting, almost everything is there on social media. Here are some of the trends that you must follow:

The Use of Ephemeral Content

There has been a rise in the use of ephemeral content. Such a content that stays online for sometimes or certain duration and then disappears comes under the ephemeral content style. You must have used and seen Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook stories. These stories are different from vlogs or any other kinds of video marketing as these stories get into the personal space of a viewer and interact with him or her. You will not only be able to show what your business does but can show the exact time and kind of activities.

The Rise of Social Commerce

Have you seen the Facebook feature of an online store? Just like that many other platforms are coming up with social commerce trends. This trend is currently on the rise and gives the backup to many businesses who are now generating good leads. With the introduction of features like flexible payment gateways and easy navigation on social media platforms, brands have opened up their online stores that are all flourishing at top pace. In addition, there are many brands learning how to create a Wikipedia page to create more online presence.

Video Content Will Dominate

As per the Cisco study of 2022, around 82% of content that marketers are creating is in the form of videos. That’s how vast videos have come. A single video has the ability to engage and captivate the target audience. You can deliver thousands of messages through a single video. Many different kinds of video making types are now being used. First one is animated videos where you can incorporate a message and spread awareness. Through a video you can interact with your target audience and dig out better possibilities of lead generation.

The Use of Technology

Have you seen the 360-degree videos dominating the internet during the early days of 2019? You hover the mouse in multiple directions and each area shows you the added scene of the video. Such videos tend to cover a large area in shortest duration. These videos are easy to create a fun to view. The interactive aspects of 360-degreee videos garner attention and bring the customers closer to the brands.

The Use of Influencer Marketing

As you know how dominating influencer marketing has been, it is a real head-turner when you are in such a saturated digital market. With the use of influencer marketing, you can sky rocket the traffic of your website and can increase the overall productivity at double the level. Ad campaigns making huge progress can increase the conversion rates and boost efficiency.

Wrap Up

On the whole, this coming year you have to be more innovative and engaging with your business model and the audience respectively. You need to dig out better possibilities of success and now your grounds.  In this way, it will become possible for you to prosper at double the rate. So, follow all of these trends and make great outcomes.

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