Optimize Your Website with the Best Plugins for WordPress 2021

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Once your website is created with WordPress, it’s the turn of the plugins. In this post, we will see some of the best plugins for WordPress 2021 to make your website more efficient and secure, have more presence on the networks, and generate more traffic and capture more leads. Ah! And all free, that there is no pocket to go wasting.

WordPress plugins to help you with SEO in 2021

Yoast. The best WordPress plugin to work on the SEO of your website in 2021 is, without a doubt, Yoast I personally use Yoast for animated explainer company. It is essential to see the operation of the SEO strategies that you propose and it will detect errors so that you can solve them. Yoast will also create the sitemap of your website, give you advice on the readability of the content, provide you with the template for met titles and Meta descriptions, you will see how the snippet looks for search engines, among many other functions. The traffic light-style color system of this WordPress plugin is very useful and visual to see how the SEO of each entry is. It will also provide you with tips to improve it. Put Yoast at your service and you will get the best SEO you can dream of.

Post. Having internal links on your website will improve SEO while generating traffic and increasing the number of visits. It is a WordPress plugin that is very easy to configure, you just have to choose the number of related posts that you want to show in each article and the visual aspect that you want the bar at the bottom where the links will be displayed. That easy! And if you are not convinced by the posts in the foot of the article, Related Post has a widget so you can put them in a sidebar. With this plugin, users who visit your website will no longer have an excuse not to continue reading your posts.

Google XML Sitemap. For search engines to index your content, a sitemap is essential, and this plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for this task. It allows you to specify the indexing priority of each content in addition to what we want to index and what not. With the sitemap that this plugin generates, the search engine spiders will better track your website and you will get a better position in the search engines.

Imagify. They say size doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t when we talk about SEO. The smaller the better. With this plugin you will be able to reduce the size of your images so that the loading speed of your website increases and that Google does not penalize you for too much weight. Imagify optimizes and reduces images without losing quality, and also automatically resizes them. An essential plugin to correctly treat your images.

Plugins for WordPress that will connect you with all social networks

Sumo. In order to increase your website traffic, it is not only important to improve SEO, but it is also important to make the most of social networks. For this, one of the best free WordPress plugins is Sumo. It has a lot of functions that will help you attract subscribers via e-mail, discounts in your store … What makes it ideal is that it improves the usability and accessibility of your website, and in this way, the potential customer will have it easier to Browse, stay on the site, and end up converting.

Better click to tweet. If you want users to share interesting content from your blog, make it easy with this plugin that links to Twitter. The plugin allows you to highlight a phrase that you want to stand out in an attractive way to capture the attention of your readers. With a single click they can share it on networks. Users will also be able to see the social bookmarks of the tweet. A simple but effective tool to move your content on social networks and give them visibility.

Easy Social Icons. The best way for your users to share the content of your website is to make it easier for them to work with the icons of social networks. With this WordPress plugin you will be able to customize your icon pack, add them where they best fit with your website design, put the URL you want, and many other functions that will easily and attractively encourage traffic on social networks to create a community.

Safety first: WordPress plugins to protect your website

Wordfence Security. Internet security is an issue that worries us more and more, that is why WordPress offers several plugins so that we can sleep peacefully. One of the most used and with the best reviews is Wordfence Security. This WordPress plugin includes a firewall and antivirus that will help you protect your website from bots and unwanted attacks. Among many other features, Wordfence Security will scan files that are often a target for hackers, scan your site for malware and backdoors, and prevent continued attacks on your home page.

Updraft Plus. Another fear that haunts a website is the fear of losing everything. Getting your site hacked, your server crashing, an update malfunctioning and sending it all to hell … With this WordPress plugin, your content will be safe. You will be able to make full backups and restores quickly and easily. And you will have the option to do it all manually or schedule it. Don’t play it and install Updraft Plus, which is also one of the most highly valued by users.

Akismet. Among the free WordPress plugins, Akismet is probably one of the best known when it comes to security. It is the antispam filter par excellence and that you will need in your blog to avoid spam in the comments. This plugin scans the comments on your blog, filters the ones that smell like spam, and allows the moderator to keep track of users and comments approved or not. A classic that you must install yes or yes on your WordPress site.

Other interesting plugins in 2021 for WordPress

Contact Form 7.  For users to contact you, it is essential to have a contact form on your website. Contact Form 7 is the most popular WordPress plugin for this task because it is very easy to install and use, and with a simple JavaScript code you can add one or more forms to your pages. Generating feedback with users is a good way to attract new subscribers.

Cookie advisor. This simple WordPress plugin will be essential for your website when it comes to cookies. The plugin generates a consent message for users advising them that cookies will be installed in their browser. The message window is fully customizable, so you can adjust it to the design of your website. And also the plugin provides you with the legal texts of the cookie policy, which you can also edit.

WooCommerce. If your WordPress is an online store, the best and most popular plugin to make it work wonderfully is WooCommerce. It allows you to fully customize your store and have absolute control over it. And with the extensions, you will be able to create a store adapted to your needs and those of your customers. Without a doubt, the perfect plugin to sell and turn it into an experience for users.

These plugins are among the most popular, most used and most highly rated, but they are only a small selection of the entire universe of plugins that WordPress offers. Investigating a little you will find the ones that best fit your website and that fit your needs and what you want to offer. In addition, this 2021 the world of digital marketing is loaded with news that can give you clues about which plugins to choose.

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