How SEOs See The Value In A Website

How SEOs See The Value In A Website
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Anyone can be a website owner. There are a lot of website content management system (CMS) platforms available right now to fit your website needs. Some are designed for blogging their life updates, some are for imagery to showcase portfolios, and some are for ecommerce to help users shop casuals clothing, iphone accessories, home needs, and more online.

You can even review which one would be suited for you through online reviews and videos of other website users / owners before investing your time and money on one. Since so many can set up their own website, how would one evaluate the value of a site?

For search engine optimization specialists, they have certain metrics using certain tools in order to assess the value of a website. Why do they check these and how?

Search engine optimization involves improving one’s website in order to appear better for both human users and search engine (usually Google) crawlers (also known as bots or spiders). SEO specialists usually aim to have their website/s rank on the first page of search engine ranking pages (SERP, the search results you get when you search) since most users are too busy or lazy to check the rest of the SERP after the first one.

In order to rank first on a target keyword/s related to their website/s, SEO specialists need to follow the search engine’s algorithm for determining which websites or web pages to show in the SERP results. One rule to be noticed by the algorithm is through the number and quality of website links pointing to the SEO specialist’s website/s. These are called backlinks.

To get backlinks, SEOs check various websites they can partner with in order to get a successful backlink. The metrics checked are Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), and SimilarWeb ranking.

DA and PA are search engine ranking scores developed by Moz which predict how likely a website is to rank on SERP results. DA and PA scores range from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

SimilarWeb ranking is often used for competitive analysis. It determines the traffic or views of a site which translates to popularity. (Previously, Alexa ranking was the tool used but there have been reports of the data being inaccurate and manipulated.)

When a website gets backlinks from websites with these kinds of high SEO scores, it has the potential to rank first on SERP results. Of course, visitor traffic is part of the formula as well so having good content that attracts visitors should be uploaded on the website.

No matter how beautiful a website may be in terms of layout, design, or photos, it doesn’t have enough value for an SEO services specialist if it doesn’t have good SEO scores. The more a website improves on SERP, the higher the chances of it becoming more popular. A popular website will then be able to attract more opportunities with partnerships or advertising, or convert more leads or sales if that’s what it’s aiming for.

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