Allergy And Online Tests: How To Cope

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Allergy, tests and different phases of quarantine

The same thing happens every spring: the sun rises, the air becomes warm and what the body asks of us is to be in the street enjoying the good weather. And more this year that we have gone through a total quarantine and now the confinement begins to relax. Nothing appeals more than going outside and hugging again (saluting with the elbow, maintaining a safe distance and speaking through a mask) our friends. Everything is great, except for a few tidbits of nothing: there is a potentially deadly virus roaming around, the new class system and the online assessment They don’t even give us time to complain and you are a walking sneeze that lives attached to a tissue (or thousands of them) and you want to tear your eyes out of how much they itch. Antihistamines are not as sleepy as they used to be, but you are exhausted from not sleeping well because of the allergy and, every time you go shopping or for a walk, people look at you as if you were a walking biological weapon despite the allergy and coronavirus do not have the same symptoms.

The life of the allergic person is hard (at least a few months a year) and this year it looks like things will be even worse, but by following these tips, it will be more bearable and your allergy will affect your studies less.

Take antihistamines that won’t make you groggy

Consult with your doctor to prescribe the antihistamines that produce less drowsiness. What we need is to be groggy all day. Now we can talk to our GP by phone and tell him about the situation we are going to have to face so that he can prescribe us an appropriate medication. We must count on the fact that allergy is tiring and it is not only because of the medication, but also because of the fight our immune system maintains against pollen. So we can also ask him to prescribe a vitamin complex to alleviate that annoying spring fatigue.

Sleep the necessary hours

As we said, although the medication does not make us sleepy, our body will be defending itself from the allergen for many months and that is exhausting. Adjust your schedules to be rested and help your body with the fight. If asthma or the incessant run-off of mucus keeps you from falling asleep, getting a good air purifier can be of great help. They are not cheap, but what is certain is that while you are in your room, you will forget about the allergy completely.

Study in the hours of the day when pollen is lowest

Search the pollen count information on Google and adjust your study schedule to the times when you will be better so that you can concentrate on your task. Keep in mind that the highest pollen concentrations occur from 5 to 10 in the morning and from 7 to 10 at night.

Don’t study with the window open

Yes, it is hot and that, but the ideal is that you get an air conditioning system that has a specific filter for allergens. If you leave the window open, more than studying what you are going to do is blow your snot and sneeze every 3 minutes.

Secure your study place

Not only is it enough to close the window; your study space must be well protected from allergens. Airing the room for about 10 minutes a day is enough, but make sure to do it during low pollination hours. Do not clean the dust with a duster, but with a cloth to prevent it from rising and swallowing it, and try to do it daily or every other day. If you sleep and study in the same room, wash your sheets regularly and hang them inside so they don’t get pollen. Before sleeping and before studying, spray the room with a water spray so that the pollen falls to the floor and you are not breathing it. When you’re out on the street for a while, shower and change your clothes before entering your room to flush any bloody killer pollen from your body. If you need more writing projects, then you can hire ghostwriting services. This is also great for preventing coronavirus.

Take it easy

This happens every year, so you just have to resign yourself, protect yourself as much as possible and wait for the plants to want to park their spring orgy for a while. It is what it is, the important thing is not to despair and take precautions so that the allergy does not get worse.



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